Fashion Bloggers



    With elegantly photographed details in a unique, minimalist format, 2nd blog café showcases the latest pieces from some of fashion’s most esteemed labels…Style Lab



    Designer, writer, stylist, Gala Gonzalez does it all without missing a beat. Packing youthful vibrance into a knowledgeable blend of fashion, travel and culture…Style Lab

  • Bag Snob

    Bag Snob

    Born from a shared passion, two designer bag lovers created, The blog is now the go-to site for purse enthusiasts looking for the latest… Style Lab

  • Bryan Boy

    Bryan Boy

    Blogging about fashion since 2004 with a current average of 1.4million page views per month, this Filipino fashion blogger is not afraid to speak his mind…Style Lab

  • Han Huohuo

    Han Huohuo

    Former fashion project manager for Marie Claire China, Han Huohuo fearlessly flaunts his unique individuality. Known to wear 5-inch stilettos and compare himself to Lady Gaga… Style Lab

  • Hello it's Valentine

    Hello it’s Valentine

    A graphic designer who habitually wears two watches and usually shoots her own images, Valentine offers a creative, personal look at the Parisian lifestyle…Style Lab

  • Kayture


    A Swiss fashion and beauty blogger has Teen Vogue claiming that she is ‘singlehandedly making Geneva the French-speaking fashion capital of the world…Style Lab

  • JouJouVilleroy


    Born in Turin, Eleonora Carisi, a contributor to is known for her trendsetting skills. Modeling for various campaigns throughout the years…Style Lab

  • Journelles


    Having founded Les Mads, the most famous German blog, and being responsible for building an online presence for interview magazine…Style Lab

  • Le Blog de Betty

    Le Blog de Betty

    Care-free and not afraid to experiment with the sweet and the edgy, le Blog de Betty is a treasure trove of eclectic looks that fuse quintessential Parisian style…Style Lab

  • Look At Me

    Look At Me

    Started as a blog based on street style and now turned into one of the biggest fashion and lifestyle websites in Russia, Lookatme is an everyday online magazine…Style Lab

  • Lyst


    Beautiful, aspirational list making is a Lyst speciality, however having recently teamed up with social network Pintrest the site can now help… Style Lab

  • Materialiste Paris

    Materialiste Paris

    Bold images create a vivid menu for Matérialiste Paris’ editorial perspective on art, Paris, music and men’s fashion…Style Lab



    A one stop destination for advice on designer and luxury shopping, offers insider advice for men on what to buy, where to buy it and how to… Style Lab

  • Modeopfer110


    The German-speaking one stop destination for information on the world of fashion, ModeOpfer110 documents current trends, while offering advice, information and search engines… Style Lab

  • Peace Love Shea

    Peace Love Shea

    With a unique talent for mixing the old with the new, California girl Shea Marie imbues her fashion diary with an ever-evolving love for jet-setting style that goes beyond current trends.. Style Lab

  • Polyvore


    Named in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Most Brilliant Companies of 2011 and in Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2011, Polyvore is a forerunner in social networking… Style Lab

  • Sincerely, Jules

    Sincerely, Jules

    Born in Mexico and raised in LA, Julie Sariñana expresses her creative spirit in street-friendly styles with high fashion flair…Style Lab

  • Pro Fashional Man

    Pro Fashional Man

    Based in Seoul, South Korea, Pro Fashional Man documents the top shopping destinations and leading men’s fashions with a plethora of photos and his unique perpective. Style Lab

  • Song of Style

    Song of Style

    A daily diary of photos and video that tells the tale of style and interior design as seen through the eyes of West-Coast interior designer Aimee Song. Style Lab



    A community based in Hong Kong with open exchanges in Chinese and English about clothing and beauty, Style-Tips allows users to review a variety of themes that ranges from fashion to lifestyle. Style Lab


    A fashion search engine with over 400,000 treasures, Stylight was created by a community of friends and is powered by a community of bloggers that discover, ‘heart’ and recommend their favourite finds… Style Lab

  • The Bag Hag Diaries

    The Bag Hag Diaries

    The Bag Hag diaries follows the international adventures of this Philipino fashionista as she travels the world and goes backstage at some of the hottest events… Style Lab

  • The Blonde Salad

    The Blonde Salad

    Chiara Ferragni’s personal style diary mixes designer must haves with unique finds from her travels to some of the world fashion capitals… Style Lab

  • The Fashion Fruit

    The Fashion Fruit

    Milan based top fashion blogger takes us into her world of fashion, travels and everything else to do with her stylish lifestyle…Style Lab

  • Tian Yuan

    Tian Yuan

    With accomplishments well beyond her years, Tian Yuan has explored the world of music, film and books with remarkable success, including several film awards and books…Style Lab


    Established in 1998, Vogue Russia follows in the footsteps of the fashion empire’s impeccable taste in imagery and style, setting the pace for luxury consumption with a sophisticated approach… Style Lab

  • Wendy's Lookbook

    Wendy’s Lookbook

    Passionate about juvenile justice and inspired by the world around her, Wendy Nguyen takes art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people, and music…Style Lab