Pool Monster Academy

POOL MONSTER ACADEMY, is a forum that involves international training institutes operating in the fields of fashion, art, design and general creativity.

Luisa Via Roma and Felice Limosani along with emerging students from Brazil, Japan, Italy, Israel and Poland brings together various forms of artistic expression in an exhibition. A Path made out of Sculptures, with a mix of digital and electronic music frames, including breakbeat, glitch and minimal techno.

Luisa Via Roma invites you to the presentation in-store from the 5 to 15 January 2013

Fly - Dress - Pool Monster Academy

Fly – Dress

Artist: Yojiro Kake

From the interweaving of countless lines, energy spreads out through: through Alcantara visual and sensory features, the installation expresses the aesthetic vision of the author and his concept of Beauty.

Kazari-Uma, “Decorated Horse” - Pool Monster Academy

Kazari-Uma, “Decorated Horse”

Artists: Yuichi Iwata, Saki Kato, Mahito Yamaguchi

The art piece represents the “New Kazari-uma”, a modern version of the traditional Kazari-uma, which means “decorated horse” and is a typical craft of Japanese culture, always represented with beautiful harness and trapping.

Cockade - Pool Monster Academy


Artist: Gustavo Silvestre

The piece is a representation of Brazilian indigenous tribe’s headdress adorned by feathers manmade with Alcantara: the cockade (headdress) is the most extravagant and representative accessory of the indigenous tribes in the Amazon used till today in ceremonies, rituals and cultural events.

Chronicles Of Fear - Pool Monster Academy

Chronicles Of Fear

Artist: Gustavo Mathias Franco

Alcantara is the true heart of the project. “It helped the piece to become alive”, said the author. “What I liked the most about it was that obscure dim glint that gives a fossil kind of feeling to the project.

Virus - Pool Monster Academy


Artists: Michał Nawrocki, Marianna Małkus, Jadwiga Czartoryska, Martyna Gorgól, Andrzej Wójcik, Emilia Ziółek, Valeria Riabko, Marcel Nieto-Głowacki, Katarzyna Sworek, Agnieszka Tomczak, Oliwia Sienicka, Monika Aleksandruk, Martyna Kowalska, Monika Sobczak, Wiktoria Popkowska, Julia Kalichkina, Lena Achmetava, Filip Król

The sculpture is an ambiguous entity that combines contradictive values: natural, unique phenomena and technological, precise processes; chaos and regularity; abstraction and functionality.